Dear Surge Families,

We would like to express our gratitude and continued concern as our communities persevere through the COVID-19 health crisis. The challenges of keeping a somewhat normal life routine for our families have been at the least very difficult. Hardships are everywhere. For some it’s the loss of a job, to some the difficulties finding and affording childcare and with still others just the uncertainty and chaos of an undefined future, we find ourselves coping the best we can and helping others through this very difficult time.

In response to the strong possibility of Governor Inslee’s closure of recreational facilities extending past April 1st and into the month of May. The Surge Dance Center is formulating a modified curriculum to provide virtual dance classes to the all the basic class levels and styles. We will offer a combination of live and recorded instruction to best provide coverage and remain in compliance with the Governor’s directives.

As parents ourselves, keeping our children focused on school work, household chores and family activities has been a hard task to accomplish with all the extra time during the state wide closure of schools, restaurants and activities. Dance has always been a cornerstone and stabilizing factor in our children’s lives and we will do our best to provide a form of normality for our dance families through this time of uncertainty.

An email will follow next week providing details to our virtual dance class schedule. In the meantime please continue to support your studio dance instructors though their online classes and private lessons. For the majority of the instructors, studio classes and private lessons is their only source of income.

Although “Social Distancing” is the new buzz word being used during this pandemic, I believe we as a community and nation will actually come together closer and show our resolve and humanity through this crisis. Please take care and keep your family safe.

With much love,
Annalise and Joe Espinosa